My Website about Disney World

For my Multimedia Apps website, I decided to do a website about Walt Disney World. I am building a website, because this can help me understand and learn the basic parts of WordPress. I chose this topic, because I love traveling to this destination. It has things for people all ages. My family and I love going there with a passion! I was so excited to do a website about it! Within my website, I will cover such things as: transportation, resorts and hotels, the different parks, water parks, and several other amenities within the parks!

So far, I think my website is going great! I’ve posted several pages about transportation and resorts! I also have started a few of my posts. I have also edited and added several of photos. I still need to work more on the posts, parks, and amenities; but I am slowly moving to that! I think that I got a great start, but defiantly need to keep going!

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